Architecture Control Guidelines
Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
The ACC is responsible for review and approval of Homeowners construction applications to ensure their adherence to and harmony with the Covenants and Restrictions, Architectural Design Guidelines and Resolutions Relating to nd Interpretations of the Governing Documents of Placitas Homesteads Homeowners Association (RIPHHA) Subdivision.  The ACC is here solely to protect the rights of all Placitas Homesteads Subdivision residents and to help the community maintain the attractive high quality properties, property values, and overall integrity and natural beauty of the neighborhood.  Homeowners shall NOT  start any construction/installation/improvements, etc., unless and until the plans and specifications have been formally approved in writing by the ACC.
ACC Documents Read 1,2,3 & 4 before submitting an ACC application form.
  •     Placitas Homesteads Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs).  Take particular note of sections 3-26.
  •  These Guidelines (ADGs) are a supplement to, not a substitute for, the Placitas Homesteads C&Rs.  Please refer to the ADGs and C&Rs before starting construction of any new building, exterior improvement (remodel addition, etc.) or exterior project (solar, gazebo, pergola, recreational equipment, walls/fence, etc.)
  • The items listed in this document require compliance by PHHA Board of Directors, ACC and property owners.  This document will be further updated when new such resolutions are made by the Board of Directors and the ACC's interpretations and clarifications of the Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs) and Architectural Design Guidelines.  Changes will be communicated to all Placitas Homesteads property owners at the annual homeowners meeting and posted on the PHHA website to ensure public communication to homeowners as well as to prospective buyers.
  • Explains the written application process and the ACC review and approval process.
  • Application fees and refundable deposits are listed for each ACC application.  Construction deposits will be refunded only after passing inspection by the ACC of the competed structure demonstrating compliance with the ACC approved application and landscape guidelines.
  • ACC response procedure after receiving a written complaint.
ACC Application Forms:
  • New construction of the primary residence (single-family dwelling) must precede the construction of any permanent outbuilding(s) or other structures(s).  All buildings are to be finished as to exterior within one (1) year from the start of construction.
  • "Outbuildings" include a building, such as a guest house, shed, barn, or garage, on the same property but detached from house and must conform in design and exterior finish to the Principal Residence.  All buildings are to be finished as to exterior within (1) year from the start of construction.
  • Small Projects include any structure such a gazebo, pergolas, walls, fences, sails, recreational equipment, etc. upon an owner's property visible from platted roads or neighbors viewed from the same elevation.   Timeframe(s) for completion must be approved in writing by the ACC.
  • Small Projects include any structure such as walls, fences, recreational equipment, etc. upon an owner's property visible from platted roads or neighbors viewed from the same elevation.
  • Installation of roof-mounted and/or ground-mounted solar systems.  Time frame(s) for completion  must be approved in writing by the ACC.
 (6)  Variance
  • An owner of a lot can apply to the ACC for variances from the requirement of our covenants by submitting this application.  The ACC is committed to ensuring that sound design principles that maintain the attractive high quality properties and their values, and promote safety and attractive appearances are encouraged and to minimizing views of unattractive uses or activities.  No variance will be granted regarding minimum lot size.  Read "ACC Review and Approval Process" for more details including key pints ACC will consider in review and approval process.